Irida Health is a telemedicine spin-out from the Department of Optometry & Visual Sciences at City, University of London

Our goal is to deliver a suite of portable vision assessment tools, capable of being used by patients at home, or by eye care professionals in community settings, and capable of communicating in near-real-time with clinicians remotely.

We provide the means to:

  • Reduce the growing burden on tertiary care facilities
  • Intensively monitor high risk patients
  • Make longitudinal clinical trials faster, more powerful, and more cost-effective
  • Enable data driven domiciliary care and active case finding in rural communities

Meet the team

A world-leading team of experienced entrepreneurs, researchers, and clinicians specialising in the study, management, and treatment of glaucoma

Dr Stephen Hicks - CEO

Innovator and Entrepreneur of the year, Stephen is a three-times deep-tech founder of computer vision and ophthalmology companies. With a PhD in neuroscience, a lectureship in vision and machine learning from University of Oxford and awards from Google and the Royal Society, Stephen excels at translating and commercialising innovative research.


Dr Pete Jones - CSO

Chief Science Officer Dr Jones is a Lecturer in Optometry at City, University of London and leader in the development of digital vision test. Inventor of Eyecatcher, Pete leads the research and validation of paradigm-pushing interactive vision tests for Irida. Masters in Psychology (Oxford) and Machine Learning (Edinburgh) and a PhD in psychophysics from the UK Medical Research Council.

City, University London


Prof David Crabb - Chair

Professor in medical statistics at City, University of London. David is an internationally recognised key opinion leader in vision assessment and glaucoma management, and a member of the Ophthalmology Top-100 power list. The Crabb Lab is truly a hub of innovation in interdisciplinary health research focussed on improving ocular healthcare for the future

City, University London

Joe Bacon - CTO

25 years as a senior engineer and product leader, Joe has overseen the development and commercial launch of medical devices. He specialises in wearables, interactive software, graphical shaders, IOT and data management. He leads on the regulatory and compliance and was the lead developer of Eyecatcher when it was a University programme.


Lucie Burgess - CBO

Founder of Helix Data Innovation and veteran of digital catapults, Lucie brings 20 years of experience in digital health strategy and commercialisation to the role of Chief Business Officer.



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