The world's first portable visual field test for home monitoring

Designed by scientists from City, University of London using the latest smart glasses, Eyecatcher is the only validated and calibrated portable perimeter designed for comfort with the accuracy of the "gold standard" HFA.


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Irida Connect

AI-enabled analysis and clinician dashboard

Designed by clinicians, Irida Connect collects data from Eyecatcher units and performs evidence-based AI analysis on patients' vision and integrates with most EMRs using industry standard DICOM format.


From care homes to clinical trials. Irida Connect does everything you need to manage patients remotely.

Use cases

Home Monitoring

Irida has developed a suite of vision tests that empower people with eye disease to monitor their own vision at home, unsupervised.

Care Homes

Eyecatcher is being trialled throughout the UK to provide portable vision tests for use in care homes and domiciliary settings.

Clinical Trials

Eyecatcher is designed to maximise patient adherence. Irida is supporting trials from Singapore to sub-Saharan Africa.

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